drawing silly cartoons every day

drawing silly cartoons every day

Every single day..

Gallons of coffee is poured, firing up the brain, and then the pen scribbles away.

And then eventually the cartoons appear, and the people cheer, and the world is a better place!

Meet Kerber

doodles cartoons smiles

doodles smiles happy

Kerber and Sautter Cigars..

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Happy Clients

Drawing cartoons while sitting on the stairs is very important in case you need to get up or down quickly.

prehistoric man

eyelid kisses are very important

In this crazy unstable world, eyelid kisses are very important

Cartoons bring people together and make them happy

When creating cartoons you never know who’s creeping up behind you, so it’s always important that you keep looking over your shoulder.

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cartoons for brands & marketing...cartoons are an incredible way to get your message across…

Cartoon for Visa by Neil Kerber
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