Meet the Team

Neil (also known as Kerber) is one of the UK’s leading national newspaper cartoonists, who for over 25 years has been helping to bring a smile and occasionally a loud belly laugh to those who regularly read his doodles. His cartoon style has been described as warm, silly, cute, and extremely easy on the eye, which is very important when getting a message across. Kerber’s main work includes creating daily topical cartoons for a well known national newspaper for many years, and the long-running & popular Supermodels strip in the prestigious satirical magazine Private Eye. Kerber’s cartoons have been published in several well known publications, including regular slots in the likes of GQ,, and many other popular national newspapers and magazines.

Now also working with brands and marketing, creating cartoons that get the messages across in a fun, easy to understand way.

Neil also enjoys cigars

Louisa is PA, admin, and does everything to keep it all going. Her infectious smile lights up the office every day. We think that may be gin in her cup and not coffee!! You can reach her at

Carlos is the office dog. He handles a lot of the admin, emails, and transformations strategies.





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