A cartoon speaks a thousand words!!!

A cartoon speaks a thousand words!!!

We’re living in a very visual world.

Nobody wants to read pages of blurb anymore.

Information needs to be instant, likeable, easy-to-understand,

..and eye-catching on a small screen.

In these uncertain scary times, cartoons are a wonderful way to promote your business,

send out a positive message, & tell the world what you are doing. 

It’s a great time for cartoons !!!

Cartoons sit amazingly well on social media, websites, and in newsletters, emails, foyers…

…in fact absolutely everywhere !!!

Corporate Cartoon Package !!!

Order in bulk and get each cartoon at a low price.

Corporate Cartoon Package

 *Bespoke rough sketches to choose from.

*High res digital image for finished cartoons.

*Yours to use as many times as you wish


The usual price per one-off cartoon is £250. 

Price includes ‘roughs’/ concepts, amendments…up to the final cartoon.

 Corporate Cartoon Package price:

 Single cartoon =£250

 Corporate package of 10 cartoons = £990 (£99 per cartoon)     (invoice/payment upfront)

Corporate package of 20 cartoons = £1800 (£90 per cartoon)   (invoice/payment upfront)

Corporate package of 30 cartoons = £2550 (£85 per cartoon)   (invoice/payment upfront)


These packages are proving really successful, with certain clients coming back and reordering once they have used all their cartoons up. 

One particular ‘financial’ client is onto their 7th package.

 The packages work for clients because we build a really good relationship, they can call on me whenever they need a cartoon,…plus they get the cartoons at a low price! 

It’s win/win!!!

 Whatever your message, get it out there on social media, newsletters, emails etc etc… 


I would love to create cartoons for you, 

Thank you for your time,

Warmest wishes,


Some recent corporate clients…click to enlarge…

Lets’ have a chat about creating some amazing cartoons for you.

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