My daughters. I love them more than anything in the world. (Fiancee and dog also come under that category, …but this post is about my daughters, so let’s leave fiancee and dog out of this for now!)

I have 2 daughters, teenage, close in age, and very much my most amazing achievement in life.

And as a divorced dad it’s not always easy, I don’t get to see every aspect of their lives all of the time, and so my moments with them are a bit more precious.

We are close in certain ways,…although as teenage girls they are experiencing things in life that I can never fully comprehend…female teenage hormones, exam stresses that seem far higher than in our day, and incomprehensible pressures that I never experienced in my ancient, social media-free upbringing. I do try to understand how they feel, but it’s not always easy,…especially as I don’t understand a single word they say. They speak in a language I was never taught in school.

But the main thing is this. I’m so very proud of them both. And I tell them this all the time. And I like to think they feel the same about me.