Meet Carlos.

He is a cocker spaniel and our most popular dog model.



age: 3

Height: medium

Weight: medium

Fur colour: whatever you want him to be

collar size: medium

Unlike a real dog he’s very versatile, and can perform lots of incredible facial expressions:



And there are others to choose from…

Fasanara Capital.

Fintech Banking experts based in Bond Street London.

( 2023)

Why use Kerber Cartoon Models?

Working from your brief, Kerber Cartoons are all hand drawn, creating fantastic characters and settings, situations, and wonderful humour, promoting and embracing your brand, …or your industry and its quirks!

Clients find Kerber Cartoon Models a lot easier to work with than human models. Less temperamental, they turn up on time, plus there are no extra costs for photographers, stylists, hair and make-up artists, flight tickets or hotel rooms.


Click on each shot below to enlarge:


For all dog modelling enquiries

please contact

tel: 07495 618 390 ( UK)