Doodling releases your happy hormones.

When we doodle silly cartoons we release Serotonin, Endorphins, Dopamine, and Norepinephrine.

Stress levels are reduced, and fun takes over! We find our creativity and sense of enjoyment…( away from staring at our phones )

And with the Kerber 6 Week Cartoon Course you get to learn a whole new skill.

For fun and relaxation, or also in the workplace

amazing for presentations, workshops, emails, in-house messages…absolutely anything !!!

It’s true, you really don’t need to be good at drawing. Everything is explained in a nice easy way.

Cartooning is all about developing your own individual style. No rules !

Each Lesson is emailed over to you, usually weekly, but it can be as often or as spaced out as you want. You work at your own pace.

You can print out the Lessons, or work directly from your screen.

I will also be on hand if you have any queries, and also to critique your doodles.

The Lessons cover a variety of themes:

1. People, and Draw the Life you Love

2. Buildings

3. The World Around Us. Animals, Creatures and Minibeasts

5. Expressions, Moods, Feelings

6. Modern Day Things

The feedback has been fantastic !!!…

Enrol now !!! Or give as a gift to that special person…voucher available.

Total price just £89 !!!

email to enrol:

or call (+44) 07495 618 390 (UK)