Morning…just thought I’d share my latest cartoon in the brand new issue of Private Eye Magazine.

My ‘Fashionistas’ cartoon strip in this prestigious publication has been going for a very long time, (previously called ‘Supermodels’) and I’ve always tried to capture themes and humour that I feel will resonate with lots of people and have very wide appeal.

So…I thought I would share with you, what we in the cartoon world call ‘The Process’…

After several hours of heavy thinking, (and gulping down 28 double espressos), …the initial idea is finally conceived. It is then sent down to my team of highly trained chimpanzees who tweak it, alter the words, and finally scribble out the finished cartoon.
It is then sent to my lawyers, who remove lots of things and make it legally acceptable, before the artistic masterpiece gets sent to my very large PR Team, who alert the mainstream media about this ‘exciting’ new cartoon. The mainstream media completely ignore my PR Team, as they’re too busy making up stories about what’s going on in the world.

My cartoon is finally emailed over to the magazine, where it is placed onto the correct page, before arriving in the shops. The magazine is then bought by excited readers, who, having turned a few pages and reached my cartoon, find themselves laughing hysterically, painfully rolling around on the floor in tears. Using scissors, the cartoon is then cut out by the reader, and stuck on their fridge, so that it can be enjoyed on a daily basis. The fridge eventually breaks, because the reader didn’t clean it, stupidly allowing the ice to build up in the freezer section. Eventually the whole thing all stops working, and the food starts going off. apart from a jar of pickles at the back of the fridge, which seem to still be okay. However, the fridge is now broken. A new fridge is bought, and the cycle starts all over again.

This is what we in the cartoon world call ‘The Process’

Have a wonderful day !!!